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Review - Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan Review - Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan Review - Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

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Publisher: Michael Joseph (16th June 2016)
Print Length: 348 pages
ISBN: 0718182669

Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan
4 star review

This novel centres around what is, at first, a seemingly straightforward case of child abduction, but the storyline cleverly keeps the reader guessing with its numerous twists. As you progress, you'll be left with the uneasy feeling that the plot has a trapdoor waiting for you just beyond the turning of the next page. With this technique, having grabbed your attention from the off, Helen Callaghan keeps you on the edge of a cliff of anticipation throughout.

Margot Lewis, a part-time agony aunt for the local newspaper, receives a letter purporting to come from a teenager, Bethan Avery, who disappeared some 17 years earlier. The letter, belying a confused logic, raises more questions than it answers. Now another girl, Katie Brown, has vanished. Is there a connection between the two disappearances? Margot believes she has a greater insight into the two cases than the police. Accordingly, she feels it is her duty to investigate. The girls' lives may depend on her pugnacity. Unfortunately, as the plot unfolds so does the extent of Margot's possible instability. Suddenly, nothing can be taken at face value.

Martin, a Cambridge criminologist investigating the disappearance of Bethan, provides the love interest for the soon to be divorced Margot. He also serves to steady the growing unpredictability of Margot's mental vulnerabilities..

Even as events approach the denouement, the reader is still left second-guessing as to the exact nature of the circumstances. Dark and thought provoking, this novel is not merely a page-turner, it's more of a give-me-the-next-sentence - and give it to me now.

If you like psychological thrillers, you'll definitely like this one. Read it.