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Review - Faking Friends by Jane Fallon Review - Faking Friends by Jane Fallon Review - Faking Friends by Jane Fallon

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Publisher: Penguin (11th January 2018)
Print Length: 448 pages
ISBN: 1405933097

Faking Friends by Jane Fallon
4.5 star review

Mel is Amy's best friend — or is she?

This is a tale of love, betrayal, deceit, and revenge. But this is not just another romance novel with a hint of bite. Author Jane Gallon has taken these traditional themes and hauled them into twenty-first century. She has dispensed with the sentimentality and moralistic viewpoint that many books of this genre wallow in, and she has created a narrative that gives valuable insight into the harsh realities of modern dating.

Amy is a second-string actor looking for her next role which will, hopefully, progress her career. Meanwhile, Mel, who always dreamed of becoming a famous actress, is stuck in a mundane job still living in the memory of that dream; fibbing to everyone prepared to listen about how successful she once was. When Amy discovers her fiancé is intimately involved with another woman she is distraught. When she suspects the other woman is her best friend, Mel, her distress evolves into something that has the potential to become something much more sinister. As the plot unfolds, each page turn ratchets up on the pending-disaster stakes. The well-paced prose and the numerous twists will have you wanting to continue reading, trapped within the chapters — left wondering who is digging themselves further into a trap of their own making, Amy or Mel?

Set against a backdrop of the social hardships of North London, the characters are well-crafted and fully deserving of your sympathy or contempt. With the occasional retrospective, the plot is expertly delivered and believable, examining the fickleness and nuances inherent in friendship. It taps into a topic that surely must be everybody's nightmare scenario.

Be warned, once you read this book you'll have that unnerving feeling that maybe everything in your own life is not as it seems. And maybe you'll seek advice — just be wary of who you ask. And once you've finished reading it, think twice before you lend this book to your best friend?